About us

Welcome to Pragathi Sadvidya

Dear Parents and Students,

We are now in the 21st century. The New Age is a mixed bag of challenges,
blessings and responsibilities.

And we, at Sadvidya , are prepared and equipped to usher in the New Age Challenges. We have always Walked-our -Talk, Lived-by-our-Credo that Education should be holistic - to the brain, mind, body, spirit and, in accordance with the dynamics of the time.

We also have believed that Education is for life and most importantly, that Education needs to march with the world and with the times and that academics should become ACCESSIBLE to all. Hence, the cutting edge of technology, the internet, has been tapped by us sanely to Reach quality education to all.

Prof.M.S.K.Narahari Babu, The Secretary of The Sadvidya Educational Institutions has aptly reflected about this giant technological stride we have taken:

"Covid-19 and the mandatory Lockdown has caused restlessness and uncertainty amongst the students. They have begun to question their own self-confidence to face the toughest examinations of their young lives: the CET and NEET. So to boost their morale and to keep them academically, and intellectually engaged, we have advised The Principals of both The Sadvidya Composite and The Sadvidya Semi-Residential College to begin on-line coaching for the present II Year students who will be appearing for the CET, NEET and English examinations in due time.

The undetermined period of the Lockdown will drastically curtail the number of teaching-learning periods which would, in turn, bear an effect on the syllabus to be covered. So we have decided to commence the on-line CET classes from the start of the year, along with their correspondent theory classes. We have enlisted the assistance of academic experts from all over Karnataka, along with our own faculty to tutor the students. We will also habituate students to Real Time Online Tests, the results of which can be assessed by the students immediately, as soon as the test is over. This helps the students to evaluate their performance and to assess their level of preparedness. Hence these tests will enable students to work more diligently. The Management, the teaching and the non-teaching staff are working in tandem for the welfare of the students."

So we have started on-line teaching to the Pre-university students of 2019-2020 batch and also to the ensuing batches to help them face the most competitive of all examinations of their young life. We will be very soon addressing the competitive challenge of the Commerce students too, the CPT examinations.

We have created our own Website , PRAGATHI SADVIDYA, which will enable us to reach all our students at once and which will empower a wide, huge group of young, yearning minds to absorb quality, comprehensible yet comprehensive education.

We have a classroom-studio with acoustics and a Smart Board and when our teachers teach, the teaching is as interesting, as interactive and as lively as a Real Classroom would be! So this Virtual Classroom Teaching is our contribution to the Frontline-Fight against the pandemic and against the resultant slow-down in all spheres of life!

Our students are spread all over the state, as some of them have gone back to their homes under the stressful Covid-19 conditions. They too can access our virtual classroom teaching now. So do visit the Website; do get instilled by the Education-With-Purpose disseminated and do get equipped for the time when the New World will unfold yet another epoch of self-exploration and furious growth!